Saturday, January 18, 2014

News and updates

We're wishing all a great 2014 including ourselves!  We hope those of you caught in the polar vortex have warmed up now.  We did escape the brutal cold experienced by many but are dealing with a lot of rain and wind.  The tree lying sideways in the yard is testament to that.

We apologize for the delay in updating the new portion of life here.  We appreciate all the kind words of encouragement that we have received.  We wish we could acknowledge them individually but right now that is not possible.  We admit to being rather protective of the personal lives of our sick ones but we do have some updates-
  • The aortic dissection patient is resting rather uncomfortably at home.  We are hoping that surgery can be avoided.
  • Life has settled down for the leukemia patient.  The protocol has been revised and we're back to weekly trips to Seattle.  The trips are usually on Wednesdays but are always subject to change.
  • The infectious disease patient continues to have many ups and downs.  Just when we start breathing a bit easier, it flares up again.  When the flares happen, it is a life threatening situation.  He's back in the hospital right now and we're just doing the best we can.
Since our last update we have made a lot of progress on the backorders of Florence and have been able to keep up with the most popular colors.  All of that has come at the expense of getting to the slower moving colors.  For the next couple of weeks we're moving our concentration to those colors, the odd pieces of paper that have been piling up and cleaning up the junk mail folder.  We totally missed keeping up on that and there are far too many genuine emails sitting there.

We have received notice that Zweigart has raised prices and as a result, our prices will increase effective 2.1.14.  Orders received before that date will be honored at current prices.  Shops may contact us for an updated price list and we'll email a pdf document.

The best seller list has been updated.  It can be found here.

A current color list is not yet ready we have one dye that is giving us fits and we're trying to hit upon the necessary adjustments.