Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fabric updates

1.  The 45 c Florence has finally arrived.  We're working like crazy to try and get those backorders taken care of.  We thank you for your patience as we work through the list.

2.  We're trying out a new base fabric, Sesame Seed from Access Commodities.  This is a 52/62 (approximately) unevenweave and currently available to order in two colors, Vintage Meadow Rue and Vintage Pecan Butter.  We may consider adding other colors once we know we can secure this fabric in greater quantities than we have been able to so far.

The cut size before dyeing is approximately 27" x 36"

We have posted a worksheet for calculating your design size on unevenweave fabrics on our website.  It can be found here.

We suggest trying Size 10 tapestry point beading needles and Gloriana's Tudor Silk when stitching on this fabric as it is finer than most.  A needle threader would probably be helpful too.

3.  We're also trying to find a substitute for the Napery Ivory we've dyed for a number of years.  We'll post an update when we find sucess.